Kaoru Rogers is a Japanese/Australian Jewellery Designer and Maker residing in Los Angeles.

"I make shapes and forms for the body - a blank, moving canvas.

I believe Jewellery should be functional design elements that eloquently sit and move with the body.

My process is like figuring out a puzzle - combining shapes, materials, colours and textures to find the right composition - considering movement and how shapes can sway, flutter, dangle or perch. It's a process of playing, adding, repeting, taking away and finding the beauty in lines and balance. I find emmense satisfaction when it all falls into place, like finishing the last piece of a puzzle.

Although my love is for simplicity and less is more, I am drawn to the "irregularity" handmade brings to even the simplest of designs. I enjoy repetition as both a meditative process and visual end result.  I love asymmetry, clever designs and hidden concepts with a bit of wit. I believe Jewellery should be fun and positive, as so much in our life and world can be painful at times. 

Growing up, living and working in many different places of the world, my work is influenced by the beauty and vibe of where I live, the new materials I find and techniques I share with makers I meet.  It is a reflection of all the things I see and feel."

After a career in advertising, she completed her training in Jewellery and Object Design at Design Centre Enmore (Sydney) graduating with distinction. She was a solo exhibition award winner of the prestigious National Contemporary Jewellery Award (Australia) in 2012.